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Divorce Residency Essentials to Get Divorce in Vermont

Residency requirements for a divorce without a lawyer in Vermont are quite simple. To file for divorce in Vermont, the spouse who is filing must have been a resident for six months or longer. Before the divorce is finalized, at least one of the spouses must have been a resident for at least one year.

Reasons for Divorce in Vermont

There are both at-fault and no-fault grounds (reasons) for divorce in Vermont. In most cases, it is easier for an uncontested divorce to go through as a no-fault divorce.

The no-fault grounds include living apart without cohabitation without probable marital relations for at least six months consecutively.

The at-fault grounds include adultery, cruelty, desertion for at least seven years and gross neglect.

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Custody of the Children in Vermont

The Vermont courts strive to serve the best interests of the children involved in any divorce while interfering as little as possible with the requests of the parents. As such, they recognize that in many cases if both parents are involved in the children's’ upbringing, their childhood will be balanced. The courts usually recognize any agreement that parents come to regarding issues of both legal and physical custody, but do not typically award joint responsibility if it comes down to a contested situation. Coming to an agreement, even if mediation is required, without involving the court is usually the best option.

Vermont Child Support Guidelines

The State of Vermont has strict child support guidelines that will be followed in nearly every divorce case—unless extenuating circumstances are present. Both parents’ income and child-related expenses will be considered when calculating the obligations. The child support will usually be paid until the child reaches age 18, and it can extend beyond until the end of a child’s secondary education. Child support in Vermont is often paid through wage withholding.

Divorce Venue

In Vermont, divorce documents may be filed in the county in which either of the spouses currently resides. However, the residency requirements for the state must be met.

Divorce Mediation

For pending divorce, either of the spouses can file a motion to request mediation of disputed issues. In this case, the parties may submit any or all issues for arbitration before divorce proceedings initiate. By utilizing mediation, it can ensure the case proceeds to court uncontested.

Filing fees

The fee charged by is in addition to the fee charged for filing your divorce in your local county court. You can obtain more information about this fee by contacting this court directly.

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