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Divorce Residency Essentials to Get Divorce in Pennsylvania

If you choose to file for divorce without a lawyer in Pennsylvania, at least one of the spouses must have been a resident for at least six months prior to filing. The court will grant the divorce three months after the responding spouse is served, if it proves to be an uncontested divorce.

Reasons for Divorce in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania recognizes a no-fault divorce option when there is an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage and the spouses live separately for at least two years. Or, if both parties sign and file affidavits stating that they consent to a divorce, that would be considered a grounds for no-fault divorce as well.

A fault-based divorce in Pennsylvania could occur for the grounds of adultery, imprisonment for two or more years, willful desertion, cruelty or other reasons that would be established upon filing for divorce.

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Custody of the Children in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania awards both joint and sole custody, always working to preserve the best interests of the child. Joint custody will ensure that both parents are involved in the rearing of the child and can be available to make important decisions about the child’s welfare. However, it does not assure that both parents spend equal time with the child. When the best interests of the child are preserved, the court will typically go along with any plan the parents may agree upon in their uncontested divorce.

Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines

Pennsylvania has standard child support guidelines that will apply in almost every case, barring unique circumstances. In most cases, the gross incomes and child-related expenses are taken into account when calculating what child support payments will be owed. Payments are collected until the child reaches age 18, and they may be extended further.


Divorces in the State of Pennsylvania are normally initiated in the county where the defendant currently lives. If the defendant does not currently live in Pennsylvania, it should be filed where the plaintiff lives.

Divorce Mediation

Anytime before or after a divorce is filed either party may choose to submit disputed actions for mediation. Agreements reached in mediation allow parties to file for an uncontested divorce and take advantage of an easy, quick divorce with

Filing fees

Pennsylvania state court filing fees are in addition to the costs of using This filing cost may vary by county. Please check with your local courthouse to determine the exact amount.

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