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Divorce Residency Essentials to Get Divorce in Ontario

To file your DIY divorce forms in Ontario, either you or your spouse must currently be a resident and have been so for at least one consecutive year. If this isn’t the case, you will need to wait until at least one of you has lived here for at least a full year. There is one exception--if the marriage was performed in Ontario and your province doesn’t recognize your marriage as valid (i.e., same-sex marriage) you may be divorced in Ontario without being a resident.

What Are the Rules Governing Divorce in Ontario?

Canada’s Divorce Act regulates divorce in Ontario. As such, you’ll have to prove that your marriage has broken down. The laws state that a breakdown in marriage has occurred if:

You and your spouse have lived separately for at least one year--with the notion that the marriage is over

Your spouse has committed adultery

Your spouse has been cruel to you (committed physical or mental acts of cruelty)

Most divorces in Canada are based on the “one year of separation” notion. Separate and apart doesn’t necessarily mean different homes, a couple can be separated share a home for various reasons.

Uncontested Divorce Service

BuyDivorcePapers.com provides uncontested divorces. This means that both parties agree to the terms of the divorce. If there are disagreements about dividing property, child support or other related issues and the court needs to deal with disagreements; this service is not the correct option. If you choose to use BuyDivorcePapers.com and your spouse contests the divorce or makes claims, our services will end, and you will need to continue on your own or hire a lawyer.

Legal Basis for Divorce In Ontario

When using BuyDivorcePapers.com for your divorce, it must be based on one year of separation, adultery or cruelty. If you are utilizing one of the latter two options, you must not be the one that committed the act leading to the divorce. Also, for these reasons, you may have to show proof that this ground applies to your particular situation.


The Divorce Act of Canada states that you must have been living apart for at least one year. The divorce may be filed before the year has passed but a decision won’t be issued until after a year. It is possible for spouses to live in the same home, as long as at least one of the spouses intend for there to be separation implied--this is not usually questioned.

Separation Agreement

There is no court-ordered requirement that you have a separation agreement. Most lawyers would request that you have one, and it can be beneficial especially when there are children involved or property that must be divided. BuyDivorceForms.com includes a Separation Agreement with your forms if you have any of these issues in your divorce.


One stipulation of the Divorce Act is that the court must make reasonable arrangements as to the support of any minor children. As such, there may be an order for support if a spouse isn’t paying. When you use BuyDivorcePapers.com there will be paperwork for custody, parenting time and child support included in your package if it is necessary.


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Ontario Child Support Guidelines

BuyDivorcePapers.com provides you with all information necessary to determine the appropriate amount of child support either spouse should be paying for your divorce without a lawyer. If you are the one who needs to pay and are paying less than the Federal Child Support Guidelines, the court may not grant your do-it-yourself divorce unless you agree to higher support or unless you have an agreement from your spouse with the reasoning for the lower amount of support. BuyDivorcePapers.com cannot guarantee divorces where the Applicant doesn’t pay proper child support.

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