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Divorce Residency Essentials to Get Divorce in North-carolina

Before filing for DIY divorce in North Carolina, either spouse (or both) must have been living in the state as a resident for at least six months.

Reasons for Divorce in North-carolina

In any divorce, whether it is conducted as a divorce without an attorney or if it is taken to court, grounds must be established. This means that a reason is shown why the marriage cannot continue as expected and should be terminated. There are two acceptable grounds for divorce in North Carolina--living apart and separate for one year with no cohabitation or living apart due to incurable insanity for three years. The State of North Carolina does not recognize a no-fault grounds (irreconcilable differences) for either a contested or uncontested divorce.

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Custody of the Children in North-carolina

The parents are free to make choices in regards to a child’s custody issues, as long as the court feels that those decisions are in the best interests of the child or children. If the court gets involved, the system does not offer preferential treatment based on gender when deciding custody. All factors are based on preserving the interests of the child or children.

North-carolina Child Support Guidelines

The state of North Carolina has statewide support guidelines which do apply in nearly every case, barring exceptional circumstances. These guidelines take into account both parents’ gross incomes, child-related expenses, and other household expenses to determine what support would serve the child best. Support is ordered for children until they reach age 18 and may be continued through the end of secondary education in many cases.

Venue for Divorce in North Carolina

The divorce proceedings may be filed in the county where either of the spouses lives and shows residency in North Carolina

Divorce Mediation

Mediation may be ordered or chosen before or after divorce is initiated. The parties may decide to try to resolve issues that are holding up a divorce and causing problems, allowing the divorce to proceed in an uncontested manner--allowing for an easy and inexpensive DIY divorce with

Filing fees

Please note that the fees for filing divorce forms in the North Carolina state court are in addition to those fees charged for utilizing the service. The costs for filing may vary in different counties. For more information about these costs, please contact your local courthouse directly.

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