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Divorce Residency Essentials to Get Divorce in New-york

To file for a divorce in New York will need to meet at least one of the following residency requirements:

  • The marriage ceremony was conducted in New York State, and at least one spouse is a resident of the state when the divorce is filed and was for a year before submitting.
  • The couple lived together in New York State, and either spouse currently lives in the state and has lived there for at least one year before filing.
  • The grounds for divorce occurred in New York State, and either of the spouses has been a resident for at least one year before filing and currently remains a resident.
  • The grounds for divorce happened within the state, and both spouses are New York residents, though not for necessarily an entire year.
  • The couple was married outside the state, and the grounds occurred outside the state, then at least one of the spouses must have been a resident for at least two years before filing.

Divorce Forms

The divorce documents provided by are the same approved forms created by the New York State Unified Court System.

Appearing in Court

In most cases, you do not have to appear in front of a Judge to file for divorce. You visit the clerk’s office or have someone deliver documents to the clerk’s office, to receive a case number and submit your documents. However, after the documents are filed, and fees paid, there are no appearances necessary. This makes for a quick and easy divorce process.

Reasons for Divorce in New-york

To file for divorce in New York State, you must establish grounds (legally acceptable reasons.)

New York State is particular when establishing a basis for divorce. Some other states allow couples to file for divorce without a lawyer because they don't get along (irreconcilable differences), New York requires grounds for the divorce. A waiting period may be applicable. Regardless of the ground you choose, can assist you in completing an uncontested divorce.

The reasons accepted within the state include:

  • Cruel and Inhumane Treatment - Treatment such that endangers the physical or mental well-being of the plaintiff and rendering it unsafe to cohabitate with the defendant
  • Abandonment of at Least One Year
  • Confinement of the Defendant in Prison for Three or More Consecutive Years After Marriage
  • Commission of Adultery (Conduct is further established in New York State Penal Law)
  • Husband and Wife Living Apart Under Degree of Separation for One or More Years
  • Relationship Broken Down Irretrievably for At Least Six Months, Stated Under Oath

Each ground has its specific waiting period, when applicable.

Further explanations of the grounds for divorce in New York are provided in your instruction list you’ll receive when you decide to utilize a DIY divorce with Our process can be used for any of the six grounds when you choose to file a divorce without an attorney.

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Filing fees

The fees for filing divorce papers in the New York courts are in addition to the charges for using The court costs vary from county to county.

Lower Income Status

If an individual doesn’t have the finances available to pay for a divorce action, they may apply to have the filing fees (not the fees from forgiven or waived by the court. provides the forms to apply for having these fees waived.

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