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Divorce Residency Essentials to Get Divorce in Louisiana

To file for divorce in Louisiana, the spouse who files must have an established residency within the state for a full year. As soon as the petition for dissolution is filed, there is an additional 180-day waiting period. After this is met, it is eligible for finalization.

Reasons for Divorce in Louisiana

There are the fault-based grounds for divorce in the state which include adultery and conviction of a felony in the state. These grounds may need to be proven. Also, there is the no-fault ground of living separate and apart for 180 days (without minor children) and 365 days (with minor children). Both fault-based and no-fault divorce can be utilized in a do-it-yourself divorce. More information about establishing grounds will be found when you begin filling out the questionnaire on BuyDivorcePapers.com

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Custody of the Children in Louisiana

The State of Louisiana looks to award child custody based on what is in the best interests of the child or children. Joint custody is usually assumed to be in the best interests, though this may be argued against. When joint custody is awarded, both parents can make decisions regarding the child's development. However, this doesn’t mean that the child will spend an equal amount of time with each parent.

The court keeps many factors in mind when determining custody, such as the relationship between parents and children, child’s age and gender, parent’s moral integrity and the mental and physical health of all involved. The court will always look at what the parents and children would prefer, when possible.

Divorce Mediation

The court can require both parties to mediate their difference with a court-approved mediator to reduce acrimony and allow for a smoother divorce process. In addition, a couple may choose to seek mediation on their own to work out smaller issues that are holding up the process and causing discord during negotiations. Utilizing mediation may allow for a couple to file an uncontested divorce, making the process easy and affordable.

Filing fees

The state-mandated court filing fees will be charged by the court in addition to the costs for using BuyDivorcePapers.com. These costs can vary from location to location. Check with your local courthouse for information regarding the exact amount. Even with the filing fees, utilizing BuyDivorcePapers.com allows for an inexpensive divorce  when compared to the price of hiring an attorney and bringing the case to the court.

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