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Divorce Residency Essentials to Get Divorce in Kentucky

To file for divorce in the state of Kentucky, either of the spouses must have been a resident of the state for a minimum of 180 days. If one of the parties is in the military and stationed in Kentucky, that presence must have been maintained for at least 180 days prior to filing for divorce. More information about residency will be available once you begin your online divorce process.

Reasons for Divorce in Kentucky

The only acceptable grounds for divorce in the state is the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.

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Custody of the Children in Kentucky

In Kentucky, child custody is determined regarding to what would be in the best interests of the child or children. The parents may decide to prepare an agreement based on either a joint or sole legal custody. The court may also decide to award joint or sole custody to the parents. Joint custody ensures that each parent has an equal say in the overall wellbeing of the child and can make major decisions in the upbringing. It does not, however, mean that each parent will have an equal time with each child.

Custody decisions will take into account wishes of the parents and when the child is sufficiently mature it will take into account the wishes of the child too. Plus, it will consider the bond between the child, siblings, parents and the child’s adjustment to school, church, household and community as well.

Kentucky Child Support Guidelines

The standard state child support guidelines in Kentucky apply in nearly every case, barring exceptional circumstances. The gross incomes of both parents and child-related expenses are calculated to determine a fair child support payment. Support will normally continue until the child reaches age 18 and can extend further, even through the end of secondary education.


The dissolution action, including divorce without a lawyer, will be initiated in the county where the spouses lived as husband and wife.

Divorce Mediation

If the divorce without an attorney is pending, either of the spouses are eligible to file a motion to request mediation of any disputed actions. The parties are able to submit any or all disputed actions to mediation to allow the case to proceed to the court system as an undisputed divorce.

Filing fees

Court filing fees are charged in addition to the charges for filing your divorce forms with This filing fee may vary by county. Please contact your local courthouse to find out the exact amount.

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