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Divorce Residency Essentials to Get Divorce in Hawaii

To file for divorce in the state of Hawaii, the spouse filing for divorce must have an established residence within the state for three months. The divorce cannot be finalized until at least one spouse has resided in the state for a minimum of six months.

Reasons for Divorce in Hawaii

Hawaii has multiple recognized grounds for divorce. Irretrievable breakdown of marriage, living separate and apart for two or more years, or legal separation without reconciliation are all considered valid no-fault grounds for divorce within the state.

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Custody of the Children in Hawaii

Custody is awarded based on preserving the best interests of the child. Custody can be awarded to one or both parents. Having legal custody in Hawaii allows a parent to have input regarding the important decisions about a child’s development. Normally both parents are granted legal custody and one parent is granted primary physical custody. It is however possible to have a joint residential custody awarded. Depending upon the level of maturity, a child’s wishes regarding custody maybe given weight by the court.

Hawaii Child Support Guidelines

In Hawaii, child support guidelines established by the state will apply in almost every case. With these guidelines, both parties’ gross income and some child related expenses are considered when calculating the amount of support paid. This child support will continue to be paid until the child reaches age 18 and it may extend through his or her secondary education.


To file for divorce in Hawaii, the divorce papers should be filed within the family court of the circuit for which the applicant for divorce has lived for at least a three month period. More information about the venues for filing divorce will be given when you begin the divorce without an attorney process using BuyDivorcePapers.com

Divorce Mediation

In Hawaii, the center for alternative dispute resolution is utilized to help with voluntary resolution of all disputes. This service is available for petitioners throughout the state regardless of whether they are filing an uncontested divorce or not. Petitioners may also seek private dispute resolution. These actions can be initiated at anytime before or after filing for divorce. Utilizing mediation can allow for an uncontested divorce.

Filing fees

The standard court filing fees are charged in addition to the cost for using BuyDivorcePapers.com. This cost will vary from county to county. To plan for your inexpensive and easy online divorce, check with your local courthouse to obtain these amounts.

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